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  • Having a strong life purpose eases loneliness of COVID-19 isolation, study finds
    16 Tháng 6 2021
    Why can some people weather the stress of social isolation better than others, and what implications does this have for their health? New research found that people who felt a strong sense of purpose in life were less lonely during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Bats in Switzerland harbor diverse viruses, some potentially zoonotic
    16 Tháng 6 2021
    An analysis of 18 species of stationary and migratory bats living in Switzerland has discovered that they harbor viruses from 39 different viral families -- including some viruses with the potential risk of jumping to other animals, including humans, and causing disease.
  • A quarter of adults don't want children -- and they're still happy
    16 Tháng 6 2021
    Is parenting life's greatest joy? New research from psychologists examines life satisfaction of adults who don't want children, revealing no differences compared to adults who are parents.
  • Genetically engineered nanoparticle delivers dexamethasone directly to inflamed lungs
    16 Tháng 6 2021
    Nanoengineers have developed immune cell-mimicking nanoparticles that target inflammation in the lungs and deliver drugs directly where they're needed. As a proof of concept, the researchers filled the nanoparticles with the drug dexamethasone and administered them to mice with inflamed lung tissue. Inflammation was completely treated in mice given the nanoparticles, at a drug concentration where standard delivery methods did not have any efficacy.
  • Computers predict people's tastes in art
    16 Tháng 6 2021
    A new study showing that computers can predict what paintings people will like offers insight into how our brains make aesthetic judgments.

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  • Translational challenges of remote ischemic conditioning in ischemic stroke - a systematic review
    16 Tháng 6 2021
    Remote ischemic conditioning (RIC) has well-established cardioprotective effects in preclinical studies and promising results in preclinical stroke research. Effective translation from preclinical studies to clinical trials has yet to be accomplished, perhaps because of the use of multiple applications of RIC (e.g., pre-, per-, or post-conditioning) in preclinical studies by both invasive and non-invasive protocols, some of which not clinically applicable. Our systematic review conformed to...
  • Burden of osteoporosis in Vietnam: An analysis of population risk
    16 Tháng 6 2021
    CONCLUSION: Almost half of women and just over one-third of men aged 50 years and older in Vietnam meet the NOF criteria for osteoporosis treatment. This finding can help develop guidelines for osteoporosis treatment in Vietnam.
  • Relative expression and prognostic significance of forkhead box P3 in childhood B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia
    16 Tháng 6 2021
    CONCLUSIONS: High FOXP3 relative expression was associated with inferior outcome suggesting its potentiality as a molecular prognostic marker to predict childhood B-ALL patients' outcomes.
  • Telehealth during COVID-19: The perspective of alcohol and other drug nurses
    16 Tháng 6 2021
    CONCLUSION: Participants in our study reported challenges in transitioning to telehealth modalities. The perceived loss of therapeutic communication, difficulties in assessing risks to healthcare consumers such as domestic violence and challenges delivering telehealth care to a marginalized consumer cohort need to be overcome before telehealth is considered successful in alcohol and other drug treatment. However, telehealth was a successful adjunct to existing practices for nurses working with...
  • Guidelines for genetic testing of muscle and neuromuscular junction disorders
    16 Tháng 6 2021
    Despite recent advances in the understanding of inherited muscle and neuromuscular junction diseases, as well as the advent of a wide range of genetic tests, patients continue to face delays in diagnosis of sometimes treatable disorders. These guidelines outline an approach to genetic testing in such disorders. Initially, a patient's phenotype is evaluated to identify myopathies requiring directed testing, including myotonic dystrophies, facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy, oculopharyngeal...

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  • Incorrect Positive Predictive Values Reported
    15 Tháng 6 2021
    In the Review titled “Acute Pancreatitis: A Review,” published in the January 26, 2021, issue of JAMA, incorrect positive predictive values were reported. The sentence under Clinical Presentation and Diagnosis in the Methods section should have read “[C-reactive protein] levels of 190 mg/L or greater within the first 48 hours of admission or an absolute increase of greater than 90 mg/L have positive predictive values of 31.7% and 27.4% for predicting severe disease, respectively.” This article was corrected online.
  • Acute Treatment for Migraine
    15 Tháng 6 2021
    Acute treatment for migraine, also called abortive or symptomatic treatment, is used at the time of a migraine attack with the aim of relieving both pain and the associated symptoms of migraine such as photophobia, phonophobia, and nausea. Available data and expert consensus agree that acute treatment should be reliably and quickly effective, have a low incidence of symptom recurrence, be safe and free from bothersome adverse effects that negate the functional benefits of treatment, and be accessible and affordable. Despite the availability of migraine-specific therapies and nonspecific analgesic acute treatments, these goals can be difficult to meet. In a US population-based study from 2016 involving 8233 participants with episodic migraine, 56% reported inadequate response to acute treatment at 2 hours for at least half of their migraine headaches, and an additional 26% reported recurrence within 24 hours after initial benefit.
  • Do Magnets in Consumer Electronics Disable Implanted Medical Devices?
    15 Tháng 6 2021
    After reviewing published articles and conducting its own testing, FDA officials said it doesn’t appear that consumer electronics such as cellphones or smartwatches with high–field strength magnets pose serious risks for people with implanted medical devices.
  • Contaminated Water Is Suspected in Massive Salmonella Outbreak
    15 Tháng 6 2021
    A months-long investigation has pointed to contaminated water at a Holtville, California, farm as a contributor to the largest US Salmonella outbreak in more than a decade, according to a recent FDA report.
  • Guidance to Develop Devices That Improve Glycemic Control
    15 Tháng 6 2021
    As manufacturers’ interest grows in the development of medical devices that can improve glycemic control among patients with type 2 diabetes, the FDA has issued draft guidance on how to design clinical studies to evaluate the devices.

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