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treatment guidelines: Latest results from PubMed
  • Efficacy and safety of clozapine in psychotic disorders-a systematic quantitative meta-review
    23 Tháng 9 2021
    A recent increase in the literature regarding the evidence base for clozapine has made it increasingly difficult for clinicians to judge "best evidence" for clozapine use. As such, we aimed at elucidating the state-of-the-art for clozapine with regard to efficacy, effectiveness, tolerability, and management of clozapine and clozapine-related adverse events in neuropsychiatric disorders. We conducted a systematic PRISMA-conforming quantitative meta-review of available meta-analytic evidence...
  • The opportunity of patient-journey studies for academic clinical research in oncology
    23 Tháng 9 2021
    A wave of new treatments and treatment combinations are becoming available for solid tumours. Trials performed to obtain registration establish a positive benefit-risk but unavoidably leave many questions unanswered on place-in-therapy and the relative efficacy of different treatment sequences. Such limitations create problems in terms of strength of treatment guidelines and reimbursement (in countries where a public payer exists). Data on new drugs arriving during the last 10 years for the...
  • Influence of COVID-19 on the preventive health behaviours of indigenous peoples of Australia residing in New South Wales: a mixed-method study protocol
    23 Tháng 9 2021
    INTRODUCTION: Chronic conditions impact indigenous peoples of Australia at a much higher rate than non-indigenous Australians. Attendance at the Medicare Benefits Scheme (MBS) supported indigenous health checks are crucial to improve prevention and management of chronic health conditions. However, in conjunction with lifestyle and environmental factors, attendance rates at primary healthcare services for screening and treatment have fallen in Australia during the COVID-19 pandemic. This study...
  • Rodent models of metabolic disorders: considerations for use in studies of neonatal programming
    23 Tháng 9 2021
    Epidemiologically, metabolic disorders have garnered much attention, perhaps due to the predominance of obesity. The early postnatal life represents a critical period for programming multifactorial metabolic disorders of adult life. Though, altricial rodents are prime subjects for investigating neonatal programming, there is still no sufficiently generalised literature on their usage and methodology. This review focuses on establishing five approach-based models of neonatal rodents adopted for...
  • Headache and migraine clinical practice guidelines: a systematic review and assessment of complementary and alternative medicine recommendations
    23 Tháng 9 2021
    CONCLUSIONS: Of the eligible CPGs, the CAM sections were of lower quality compared to the overall recommendations across all domains of the AGREE II instrument. CPGs that scored well could serve as a framework for discussion between patients and healthcare professionals regarding use of CAM therapies in the context of headache and migraine.

JAMA Current Issue

  • MD-Granting Medical Schools in the United States, 2020-2021
    21 Tháng 9 2021
    This Appendix presents data from the 2020-2021 Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME) annual questionnaire, which provides information on the number of students, student demographics, and curriculum content at US medical schools.
  • Graduate Medical Education, 2020-2021
    21 Tháng 9 2021
    This Appendix presents 2020 National GME Census data detailing the numbers and types of ACGME-accredited training programs and the residents and fellows in them.
  • Incorrect Group Sizes in Figure
    21 Tháng 9 2021
    In the US Preventive Services Task Force report titled “Counseling and Behavioral Interventions for Healthy Weight and Weight Gain in Pregnancy: Evidence Report and Systematic Review for the US Preventive Services Task Force,” published in the May 25, 2021, issue of JAMA, group sizes appeared incorrectly in a figure. In the “Obese” section of Figure 3, in the row reporting data for the study by Daly et al, the number of participants in the treatment group should have been 34, rather than 33, and the number in the control group should have been 42, rather than 36. This article was corrected online.
  • Transcatheter Valve Replacement for Bicuspid Aortic Stenosis
    21 Tháng 9 2021
    Bicuspid aortic valve (BAV) disease is a congenital condition that affects an estimated 1% of the world’s population. While initial valve function is relatively normal and has little early clinical consequence, progressive valve fibrosis and calcification eventually results in severe aortic stenosis, requiring aortic valve replacement in nearly all patients with BAV in later life.
  • A Reporting Guideline for Mediation Analyses
    21 Tháng 9 2021
    In this issue of JAMA, Lee et al provide the results of a carefully structured, comprehensive effort to define the elements to be included in reports of studies using mediation analyses. Mediation analysis refers to a group of statistical methods for assessing the relative contributions of multiple pathways by which a treatment or risk factor may affect clinical outcomes. Mediators are quantifiable characteristics in the causal pathway through which an intervention (such as a treatment) exerts its effect. For example, if a behavioral intervention leads to reduced caloric intake, and patients lose weight as a result, then caloric intake would be a likely mediator of the effect of the behavioral intervention on weight loss. A mediation analysis evaluates the relationships between the treatment and potential mediators and, separately, between the mediators and outcomes, and quantitatively partitions the overall treatment effect among the different causal pathways. One of the causal pathways may be direct without any identified mediator.

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JAMA Online First

  • Clarification of Dosing
    23 Tháng 9 2021
    In the JAMA Insights article titled “Novel Lipid-Lowering Therapies to Reduce Cardiovascular Risk,” published July 20, 2021, the dosing of inclisiran required clarification. The fourth sentence of the “Inclisiran” section that stated that inclisiran was dosed as “1 to 3 injections administered over a 3-month period, followed by dosing once every 6 months” should be replaced with “Clinical trials reveal durable 30% to 60% reductions in LDL-C.10 Inclisiran is dosed by injection at day 1 and day 90, followed by dosing once every 6 months.” This article was corrected online.
  • A Middle Ground for Accelerated Drug Approval
    23 Tháng 9 2021
    This Viewpoint offers potential changes to improve the process of US Food and Drug Administration accelerated approval.
  • Breakthrough Discovery in Protein Structure Prediction and the Promise of New Treatments
    23 Tháng 9 2021
    This Viewpoint discusses protein folding and the use of computers to solve the protein folding problem along with the limitations of protein structure prediction and the practical benefits that may be yielded from the breakthrough discovery.
  • The Supreme Court, the Texas Abortion Law (SB8), and the Beginning of the End of Roe v Wade ?
    23 Tháng 9 2021
    This Viewpoint discusses SB8, the recent law passed in Texas that essentially prohibits abortion after 6 weeks of gestational age, and the effect this will have on persons seeking pregnancy termination as well as the future of constitutional protection of abortion services.
  • Moving COVID-19 Testing Out of the Clinic and Into the Home
    22 Tháng 9 2021
    This Medical News feature examines the growing use of over-the-counter rapid antigen tests for SARS-CoV-2 infection.

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