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  • Radio-wave therapy is safe for liver cancer patients and shows improvement in overall survival, study suggests
    30 Tháng 7 2021
    Researchers have shown that a targeted therapy using non-thermal radio waves is safe to use in the treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), the most common type of liver cancer, according to a new study. The therapy also showed a benefit in overall survival.
  • 'Greening' biomaterials and scaffolds used in regenerative medicine
    30 Tháng 7 2021
    In the biomaterials industry, electrospinning is a ubiquitous fabrication method used to produce nano- to microscale fibrous meshes that closely resemble native tissue architecture. Alas, the process has traditionally used solvents that not only are environmentally hazardous but also a significant barrier to industrial scale-up, clinical translation, and widespread use. But now, researchers report that they have developed a 'green electrospinning' process that addresses those challenges, from managing environmental risks of volatile solvent storage and disposal at large volumes to meeting health and safety standards during both fabrication and implementation.
  • Early COVID-19 symptoms differ among age groups, research finds
    30 Tháng 7 2021
    Symptoms for early COVID-19 infection differ among age groups and between men and women, new research has found.
  • Source of DNA mutations in melanoma
    30 Tháng 7 2021
    The mutations that give rise to melanoma result from a chemical conversion in DNA fueled by sunlight -- not just a DNA copying error as previously believed, reports a new study. The findings upend long-held beliefs about the mechanisms underlying the disease, reinforce the importance of prevention efforts and offer a path forward for investigating the origins of other cancer types.
  • Crucial new molecular mechanisms and biomarkers in ovarian cancer
    30 Tháng 7 2021
    Medical researchers have discovered what appears to be an Achilles' heel in ovarian cancers, as well as new biomarkers that could point to which patients are the best candidates for possible new treatments.

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  • Impurity Profiling and Stability-Indicating Method Development and Validation for the Estimation of Assay and Degradation Impurities of Midostaurin in Softgel Capsules by HPLC and LC-MS
    31 Tháng 7 2021
    Midostaurin (MDS) is used for treatment of acute myeloid leukemia, myelodysplastic syndrome and advanced systemic mastocytosis. Sample of MDS softgel capsules were subjected to stress testing as per ICH guidelines for the impurity profiling study. MDS had undergone extensively degradation under the stress-testing (acid, alkaline, oxidative, photolytic, thermolytic and hydrolysis conditions) and formed four degradation products (DPs). MDS and its DPs were separated well from each other with good...
  • Resection of vestibular schwannomas after stereotactic radiosurgery: a systematic review
    31 Tháng 7 2021
    CONCLUSIONS: This study showed that the leading cause of MS after SRS was tumor growth at an average of 39.4 months after radiation. There were no significant differences in outcomes of facial nerve preservation, postoperative HB grade, or complication rate based on surgical approach. Patients who underwent STR showed statistically significant better HB outcomes compared with GTR. MS after SRS was considered by most authors to be more difficult than primary MS. These data support the notion that...
  • 'First Do No Harm': physician discretion, racial disparities and opioid treatment agreements
    31 Tháng 7 2021
    The increasing use of opioid treatment agreements (OTAs) has prompted debate within the medical community about ethical challenges with respect to their implementation. The focus of debate is usually on the efficacy of OTAs at reducing opioid misuse, how OTAs may undermine trust between physicians and patients and the potential coercive nature of requiring patients to sign such agreements as a condition for receiving pain care. An important consideration missing from these conversations is the...
  • Iron deficiency in patients with cancer: a prospective cross-sectional study
    31 Tháng 7 2021
    CONCLUSION: This study highlights the high prevalence of ID in patients with cancer, whether or not associated with anaemia or treatment. These results emphasise the need to a better detection and management of ID in cancer, thereby optimising overall patient care.
  • Characterizing Baclofen Withdrawal: A National Survey of Physician Experience
    31 Tháng 7 2021
    CONCLUSIONS: These findings highlight the need for further research on and the development of guidelines for the prevention and treatment of baclofen withdrawal. The results of this survey, along with a systematic literature review and multidisciplinary stakeholder input, may be helpful in establishing guidelines for the treatment and prevention of baclofen withdrawal.

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  • Renal Columns
    27 Tháng 7 2021
    This Arts and Medicine feature contains a kidney-themed crossword puzzle.
  • Incorrect Figure
    27 Tháng 7 2021
    In the Original Investigation titled “Radiofrequency Ablation vs Antiarrhythmic Drugs as First-Line Treatment of Paroxysmal Atrial Fibrillation (RAAFT-2): A Review,” published in the February 19, 2014, issue of JAMA, the graphs in Figure 2 were reversed. This article was corrected online.
  • Prioritizing Dissemination and Implementation Science in Cardiometabolic Medicine
    27 Tháng 7 2021
    Heart failure with reduced ejection fraction serves as a prototypical example in which advances in scientific discovery have not been fully realized in clinical practice. In recent years, stepwise progress in discovery science has afforded the availability of several disease-modifying therapies. Complete uptake of contemporary multidrug regimens is estimated to provide significant improvements in longevity and event-free survival. However, deep, pervasive gaps have remained in the optimal adoption of these therapies. Similar implementation gaps exist across other prevalent cardiometabolic conditions, including diabetes, chronic kidney disease, atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease, and obesity. These implementation shortcomings have limited the population-level benefit that these therapies might offer.
  • Shorter Courses of Antibiotics for Urinary Tract Infection in Men
    27 Tháng 7 2021
    Historically antibiotics were seen as miracle drugs. Over the past 70 years of widespread antibiotic use, however, there has been increasing recognition of some of the downsides of these drugs, including adverse effects and antimicrobial resistance. This awareness has prompted reconsideration of how to best use antibiotics including limiting use by disease indication or duration. Antibiotic durations for common infections were initially based on pathophysiology, expert opinion, and small observational studies. Recent clinical trials that randomly assigned patients to shorter courses or oral antibiotics for treatment of infections such as bone and joint infection or bacteremia have largely found noninferiority for achieving resolution of infection compared with standard dosing practice. This re-evaluation of antibiotic duration has aligned with a general trend reconsidering the “more is better” approach to clinical medicine.
  • Screening for Hepatitis C Virus
    27 Tháng 7 2021
    This JAMA Clinical Guidelines Synopsis summarizes the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases/Infectious Diseases Society of America 2019 guideline update on screening for hepatitis C virus.

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  • How to Address the Problem of Physician Practices as Bill Collectors
    30 Tháng 7 2021
    This Viewpoint describes the drivers of more physician practices turning into bill collectors, the consequences for those clinicians, a wave of new companies looking to solve the problem, and what might be done to improve the situation.
  • Fostering Hospital Resilience—Lessons From COVID-19
    29 Tháng 7 2021
    This Viewpoint discusses how hospitals could build sustainable resilience to improve their operation during both public health challenges and normal times by robust supply chains, building cultures of excellence and collaboration, and coordinating operations within and across hospitals.

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